If you live with your family in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas, our new Hove Village blog aims to highlight the very best that this city and the towns and villages around it has to offer for families.

We are kicking off with our five-part special feature: Family Guide to Brighton and Hove. We have spent the past few months researching the best attractions, family-friendly restaurants, schools, popular areas for families to live and more... Dozens of our Hove Village families have provided their own insights and some wonderful contributions, which you can read throughout the series.

Everything you ever wanted to know about moving to Brighton & Hove with your family, or even some nuggets if you already call this wonderful city your home, we know you will enjoy this series.

Stay tuned for more in this series, plus more exiting articles, news and blog posts to come, including some great guest posts. Sign up to our newsletter below to be the first to be notified.

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Family Guide to Brighton & Hove – Part 1 – Introduction

Discover everything our city has to offer within this informative family guide to Brighton & Hove. Our experienced team and the families we serve have collated a comprehensive list of everything new families to Brighton & Hove should know, including best parks, family-friendly restaurants and...
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Family Guide to Brighton & Hove – Part 2 – Areas to Live

Finding the right home for your family is extremely important. With the help of our local parents, we've highlighted the areas that families looking to move to Brighton & Hove should consider. Area guide to buying and renting a home for your Family in Brighton...
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Family Guide to Brighton & Hove – Part 3 – Parents Recommendations

Our Hove Village parents give their suggestions on the best outdoor spaces, restaurants and activities for families in Brighton & Hove. Brighton & Hove Recommendations from Real Parents. No one knows more about raising a family in Brighton & Hove than the parents at Hove...
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Family Guide to Brighton & Hove – Part 4 – Childcare & Nurseries

Find the best nursery for your children in Brighton & Hove. Our two unique Hove Village Nursery settings showcase the high-quality childcare you can expect to find in Brighton & Hove. Childcare and Nurseries When it comes to childcare, you will be spoilt for choice...
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Family Guide to Brighton & Hove – Part 5 – Finding Work

With great connections to London and a growing jobs market locally, many are finding work in and around Brighton & Hove Finding Work in Brighton & Hove There are a huge range of employment opportunities right here in the city itself, with a thriving tech...
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When to Start Looking for a Nursery

With so much to plan for your new arrival, why should securing the best nursery be near the top of your list? When should you start looking for a nursery? We are often asked by expectant parents if it is too soon for them to...
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