baby girl smiles at camera while holding tambourine
baby girl smiles at camera while holding tambourine

With so much to plan for your new arrival, why should securing the best nursery be near the top of your list?

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When should you start looking for a nursery?

We are often asked by expectant parents if it is too soon for them to enquire and view our setting.

Whilst we really do appreciate that it's a slightly surreal experience looking at nurseries before you have even met your little one, we always advise that this is the perfect time to do so. When your newborn arrives, you will be busy getting to know each other and will be focussing your attention on enjoying them during those precious first months.

As availability across Brighton & Hove and the UK is more limited within the under 2's age group, if you start by looking sooner you'll be more likely to get a place at the nursery you love and book your ideal days for your child.

This peace of mind will help you to enjoy the rest of your maternity/paternity leave together.

Useful questions to ask when searching for a nursery

The Early Years Alliance have put together a comprehensive article outlining "How to choose the right childcare", which runs through the different types of childcare, from crèches to day nurseries and childminders. They also supply a long list of good questions to ask yourself when viewing different settings. These include;

  • Does the setting (or space) feel welcoming and nurturing?
  • Do the staff look happy in their work?
  • How are they interacting with the children?
  • Do they seem caring and affectionate?
  • Is the setting clean?
  • Is there enough space, including an outdoor play area?
  • Are children taken out to enjoy outings and walks?
  • Are the children happy and absorbed in activities?
  • Are there a range of activities and resources available?
  • Is the environment safe and stimulating for the children?
  • Are parents given information about their child’s progress and achievements?
  • What training, skills and experience do the carers and childcare workers have?
  • Do displays show different cultures and people from different backgrounds in a positive way?
  • Are the meals and snacks healthy and nutritious?
  • How flexible can the childminder/setting be with last-minute extra days that you may need?

Securing your child's place at nursery

To avoid any disappointments about the availability of places and days a nursery can offer you, we recommend doing plenty of research, and viewing any potential nurseries, before the arrival of your baby.

Not only will this improve your chances of getting a space at the nursery that best suits you and your child, but you will also avoid any last-minute scrambles to find a place before your maternity and paternity leaves end. The last thing any new parent wants to do is spend their precious down time searching for nursery spaces.

Getting your nursery place in advance this frees you up to enjoy quality time with your baby once they arrive, safe in the knowledge that your ideal nursery, in the best location, is ready to welcome them!

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Settling in sessions at Hove Village Day Nursery

We want to make the settling in process as smooth as possible for you, and your little ones. That is why our settling in sessions aren't a 'one size fits all' experience.

We tailor these sessions to your needs, as every family is unique. From our years of childcare experience we recommend three settling in sessions as a minimum. We want to make sure we know everything about your child's likes and dislikes and all their little quirks that makes them 'them'.

Find out more about our incredible baby facilities at our two unique settings.