Hove Village Day Nursery Beach School

Outdoor environments have long been recognised as great places to feel refreshed and are linked with exploration. At Hove Village we believe that, for children, time in the outdoors is vital to healthy growth and development. 

Outdoor Learning

Children thrive when given large spaces to discover, the different elements available each day brings new discoveries to well used spaces and seasonal changes bring with it new life and death.  Children notice small changes in their environments and are fascinated by the sensorial opportunities the outdoor environment brings.

The vast space of the beach where the sea appears to meet the sky, the boundary of the park with the landscape of colour ever-changing and the sounds of the birds, the chatter of the community gives children a sense of familiarity.

Our garden offers the children a space to be outside and discover, to feel the fresh air on their face, to jump in puddles and to observe the flora and fauna change with the seasons and is the perfect complement to the park and the beach.

We take advantage of the local facilities too, going on trips to the library and the local museum and have visited our local green grocer for some healthy snacks.  This all adds to the sense of belonging and becoming familiar with the world of our home, nursery and local community.

Two children looking at shells
Children playing in park
smiling boy showing stone to camera on a pebble beach