Hove’s Creative Day Nursery

Hove Village was the first day nursery in Brighton and Hove to offer a full timetable of classes for children at our nursery. What’s more, we employ a dedicated group of talented individuals who together for our Creative Team.

Creativity is ingrained at Hove Village and runs through everything we do. This is because Hove Village has the same founder and Managing Director as Caterpillar Music, which is one of the UK’s leading pre-school music and education companies, with over 100 locations spread across the UK. Established nearly 18 years ago, Caterpillar Music™ hosts fun, entertaining and educational classes for thousands of children each week at its venues and Hove Village is the only nursery in the UK with a dedicated Caterpillar Music™ team.

Instead of relying on outside companies, who may only visit once or twice a month, our Creative Team are based at Hove Village every day. This includes dance, Caterpillar Music™, art, yoga, languages and drama.


Our Creative Team is made up of professional actors, trained artists with fine art degrees, dance teachers, musicians and more. Your child’s day at Hove Village will be inspiring and they will not be able to wait to tell you all of the fund things they have done at nursery!